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First Grade - Fourth Grade

One On One Tutoring
During Karen's first four grades she spent an hour, two times a week, with a tutor after school. The tutor worked with Karen on reading comprehension, math concepts and basic grammar principles. The tutor used various standardized tests for baseline diagnostics and then developed her program from the test results. The tutor would assign homework exercises and programs for the family to use for additional practice and reinforcement.

Working Ahead
As much as possible, her parents would attempt to get information from the classroom teachers on assignments and lesson plans to help Karen become more familiar with the material, "practice ahead of time," or reinforce concepts. Her parents requested an additional set of books to use at home for this purpose. This enabled her parents to practice and reinforce lesson concepts on "no homework" nights. This also enabled her parents to work ahead on some concepts.

They had come to realize that Karen's attention span was much greater if she were involved in material that she already had exposure to from other sources. Unlike other students who may be bored by repetition, a review of the familiar helped Karen to "tune in." By the time the material was reviewed in class, it had "meaning" and familiarity for Karen. She could relate to it!!!

Regular Exercise
Karen swam with her brother almost every day after school. The regular exercise routine helped her stay alert during the day and was also helping to improve her overall muscle tone. Karen also participated in a gymnastics class that helped her social development as much as it helped her muscle development.

Karen was in a public school during her first four years. Her second and third grade teachers were the most helpful and resourceful in finding ways to emphasize Karen's strengths and to support her as a full member of the class. They willingly shared lesson plans, additional worksheets for practice and the class textbooks so that Karen could work ahead and review without having to drag home every book in her desk at night.


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