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A New Swim Challenge - Across Lake Tahoe

Karen Gaffney, an avid swimmer, known in her community for being the first person with Down syndrome to complete a relay swim across the English Channel, is taking on yet another swim challenge.  In order to raise funds for the National Down Syndrome Congress, Karen will attempt to swim across Lake Tahoe!

Since her Channel Swim, Karen has kept up her string of “Firsts”.  She has completed seven swims across San Francisco Bay while preparing for and competing in the “Escape From Alcatraz” relay triathlons where she does the 1.5 mile swim from Alcatraz to the St. Francis Yacht Club.  In addition, she completed a swim that the locals call “Round the Rock”, where she did a round trip swim from Aquatic Park, out to Alcatraz Island, all the way around the Island, and then back to the Park. This was about a 4 mile swim that Karen completed in 2 hours and 15 minutes!

Karen regularly swims 2 miles a day, and she will be stepping that up in preparation for her Tahoe swim.  She will make the attempt in late September after spending a couple of weeks in the Tahoe area getting acclimated to the elevation. Karen says, “I want to show others that people like me can accomplish anything they put their heart to!”

Karen is “putting her heart” to a worthwhile cause; raising funds for the National Down Syndrome Congress.  The announcement of her swim and fundraiser will take place at the annual meeting of the National Down Syndrome Congress on August  4, 2007.  NDSC will have information on their website on how YOU can support Karen’s efforts:  You may also contact Karen at the Karen Gaffney Foundation 503 973 5130 or

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