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"Journey of a Lifetime...Beginning with the End in Mind"

Our video "Journey of a Lifetime...Beginning with the End in Mind" is for parents who have learned that they will soon have, or have just had, a child born with Down Syndrome. It is also a valuable tool for family members, close friends, doctors, teachers, genetic counselors and other professionals who are providing information and support to parents at this critical time.

This important video provides parents with timely information about the importance of starting early to help build the opportunities for their child to reach his or her highest potential. The hour long video includes interviews and discussions with three professionals - Dr. Jean Edwards, Ph.D., Special Education Professor at Portland State University; Nancy Warren, MS, Director of the PRIDE program in Vancouver, Washington; and Dr. James Brauer, MD, a Family Practitioner in Hood River, Oregon. They along with two families - each raising a child with Down Syndrome, and Karen Gaffney, provide information and insight to motivate new parents to plan ahead for their child's future, create support systems, and educate themselves on the early intervention programs and services available in their community.

Through watching this video, family members and friends will also gain an understanding of the importance of their role as part of the family support system. In addition, doctors and other professionals will be provided with a valuable tool to recommend to families who need and want information about raising a child with Down Syndrome.

Begin thinking about your child's future now.

Recommended By

"This video is a tremendous piece, one that will be of great benefit to parents and their families,"

    Frank Murphy, Executive Director
    National Down Syndrome Congress

"This is a wonderful video for families. It is sensitive and remarkably supportive of the struggles and joys facing families raising a child with challenges. I would recommend this incredible video to both families and professionals. It is a much needed resource."

    Geri Newton, Lecturer, Consultant,
    Nationally recognized speaker on
    behalf of people with disabilities

"Parents of children with Down Syndrome will find useful and practical information contained on this video tape. The Gaffneys let other parents know they are not alone."

    Bridget Lyne, Managing Editor
    Exceptional Parent Magazine

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