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Do you need a keynote speaker for an upcoming conference or workshop?

Karen Gaffney would love to help!

Her speeches are tailored to the theme of the conference or workshop. Some past themes have included:

  • Strategies for education and inclusion
  • The importance of friendship
  • Early intervention
  • Overcoming difficulties
  • Living with Down Syndrome

Public Speaking Engagements & Audiences Reached in 2002

January 10, 2002 Benson High School, Occupational Health Class High School Students
January 26, 2002 CASA Supporters of CASA, fundraiser
January 29, 2002 Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association Parents of children born w/ disabilities
February 5, 2002 Portland Rotary/ Special Olympics Local Representatives, service staff, professionals
February 18, 2002 Special Olympics, Jackson WY Professionals, athletes, students
March 2, 2002 Gold Coast D.S. Association, Boca Raton FL Parents, educators, professionals
March 12, 2002 Portland State University University faculty
March 23, 2002 Kennedy Krieger Inst., D.S. Parent Conference Parents, educators, therapists
April 6, 2002 Oregon State Masters Swimming Athletes
April 18, 2002 Cascade Middle School Students and educators
April 25, 2002 Thomas Edison School Students and educators
May 14, 2002 MAC Gymnastics Banquet Gymnastics Athletes
May 15, 2002 Nat. Asso. Of Insurance and Financial Advisors Professionals
May 17, 2002 Canadian Down Syn. Society, Winnipeg Manitoba Educators, administrators, respite workers, families
May 21, 2002 Family Support Network, Chehalis WA Self-advocates, support staff, families
May 30, 2002 Multnomah County ESD Educators and paraprofessionals
June 9, 2002 Arc Northern Chesapeake, Aberdeen MD Self-advocates, support staff, state representatives
June 24, 2002 Pacific University Students and educators
June 28, 2002 Portland State University Students and educators
July 6, 2002 National Down Syndrome Society, Nashville TN Educators, administrators, families, advocates
July 12, 2002 Tualatin Hills Swim Club Swimming Athletes and families
July 15 - 16, 2002 Youth Leadership Forum, Nampa ID Self-advocates and support staff
July 31, 2002 Portland State University Students and educators
August 20, 2002 Early Head Start Pre-service Educators and paraprofessionals
August 23 - 24, 2002 National Down Syndrome Congress, Denver CO Educators, administrators, families, advocates
October 3, 2002 OHSU Celebrate Wellness III, Eugene OR Advocates, family members, health care providers, educators
October 12, 2002 Buddy Walk Individuals with Down syndrome and their families and supporters
October 16, 2002 Wa. State Residential Care Council, Lynnwood WA Adult family home providers and support staff
October 28, 2002 Oregon Municipal Finance Officers Association Professionals
October 30, 2002 Portland State University Students and educators
November 2, 2002 Circle of Support, Woodbridge VA Parents, educators, professionals
November 16, 2002 Down syndrome Association of Jacksonville FL Self-advocates, families and support staff
November 19, 2002 Lion's Club Members of the Lion's Club
November 22, 2002 C.S. Lewis School Students and educators
December 6, 2002 Laurelhurst Elementary School Students and educators
December 11, 2002 Building Owners and Managers Association Professionals
December 12, 2002 Portland State University Students and educators

Karen spoke at the following locations in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and is booking conferences for 2008.

For more immediate updates and information please contact us at

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